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Tulsi Vivah

The auspicious wedding of Lalji Maharaj to Tulsibai was celebrated on Sunday 17th November with great joy and festivity.

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When Bhagwan Narayan wakes from His Yognindra, the Devtas gather to greet Bhagwan and enjoy in the merriment by lighting lamps for five days. Just as we mortals celebrate the festival of lights as Diwali, this festival is called DevDiwali. On the culmination of Dev Diwali, Bhagwan Shree Vishnu marries Vrinda (Tulsi) on Kartik Sud Purnima. This is called Tulsi Vivah. Wise people refrain from undertaking marriages during Chaturmaas and wait once Bhagwan's marriage is concluded before embarking on their own weddings.


The legend of Tulsi Vivah is first mentioned in Padma Puran. In bygone eras, there was a mighty king called Jalandhar. He was married to Vrunda, a daughter of Kushdhvaj. Due to Vrunda's piety and faithfulness, her husband became invincible in three Loks. Even Bhagwan Himself was unable to defeat him in a battle. Only way to defeat him was if Vrunda deviates from her piety. Who could deviate her? Bhagwan Vishnu took the form of Jalandhar and went to his home while he was engaged in a battle. When Vrunda saw Bhagwan in form of her husband, she welcomed Him warmly with an embrace. As Bhagwan tightened His embrace, Vrunda suddenly realised that the person embracing her was not her husband but some imposter. She furiously loosened herself from embraced and challenged Bhagwan. Lord Vishnu appeared in His original form. He tried to calm Vrunda, but she cursed Him to turn into a stone. Bhagwan Vishnu became Shaligram. On other hand, Jalandhar' invincibility came to an end and he was killed in the battle. Bhagwan turned Vrunda in holy basil (Tulsi) plant and decreed that Tulsi leaves are mandatory for ritual of worship and gave her a seat at His feet. Any rite related to Bhagwan is incomplete without the presence of Tulsi leaves. Tulsi plant is considered so holy that we wear Kanthi and use Mala for Japa made of her wood.

Vrunda, in her previous birth has undertaken severe austerity was granted a boon that Bhagwan Vishnu will become her husband. But as fate would have it, she was married off to Jalandhar. To make this boon a reality and save Vrunda from being a widow for rest of her life, Bhagwan Vishnu agreed to marry her. Since then, every year on Kartik Sud Purnima Bhagwan Vishnu in His Shalgram form marries Vrunda. This marriage ceremony is conducted with full rituals and regalia.