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Utpatti Ekadashi

Utpatti Ekadashi - 29/11/13

Arjun asked Bhagwan Shree Krishna, "O Shree Krishna! You are omniscient. You are the fountainhead of all the scriptures. O Narayan! You are supreme Bhagwan of all universes. What is the origin of Vrat of Ekadashi? How should one observe its Vrat and what is the reward of this Vrat? Who else has observed this Vrat in the bygone era? Please answer these questions in detail."
Shree Krishna replied, "O Arjun! Listen very intently to this Katha, which has the capacity to wash away all sins. I shall narrate the legend behind the Vrat of Ekadashi. This Ekadashi (falling in the dark fortnight Vad Paksha of Kartik) is called Utpatti Ekadashi and observing its Vrat, including fasting on this day, augments one's Bhakti and wealth."
Bhagwan Shree Krishna narrated the legend of how Ekadashi was born from His ten senses and mind in the form of a maiden and beheaded a demon called Mur and saved the world from a grave calamity.


Shree Krishna Bhagwan concluded, "O Arjun! Whoever reads or listens to the Mahatmya (greatness) of Utpatti Ekadashi today accumulates Punya equivalent of donating a thousand cows. Even the great sins such as killing a Brahmin can be nullified by observing Vrat of Ekadashi. Indeed, there is no greater tool to wash away one's sins than faithfully observing the Vrat of Ekadashi"

This Mahatmya of Utpatti Ekadashi is narrated in the Bhavishyottar Puran in the form of a dialogue between Bhagwan Shree Krishna and Arjun.

Shree Swaminarayan Bhagwan describes Mahatmya of Ekadashi and how we should observe its Vrat in great detail in the thirty-third chapter of the third Canto of the Satsangi Jeevan.

Kartik Vad Ekadashi is also known as 'Abhaya' Ekadashi when Bhagwan Shree Krishna and Sulakshana should be worshipped with sesame flowers. Bhagwan should be offered Biranj (Shiro with much less Ghee) and coconut as Naivedhya in Mahapuja and a bull should be gifted at its conclusion.