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Varuthini Ekadashi - Tuesday 3rd May

Varuthini Ekadashi - Chaitra Vad Ekadashi

Once, King Yudhishthir asked Shree Krishna Bhagwan, "O Bhagwan Vaasudev! Please tell me about the Ekadashi falling in the dark fortnight of the month of Chaitra. "

Bhagwan Shree Krishna replied, "O king! Chaitra Vad Ekadashi is called 'Varuthini Ekadashi'. This Ekadashi ushers in happiness and good fortunes not only in this world but heaven as well. It is capable of washing away one's sins.

Observing its Vrat dispels misfortune and brings in good fortune. Its Vrat is capable to relieve a man from the cycle of death and rebirth. Kings such as Dhundhumar and Mandhanta have attained heaven after observing the Vrat of Varuthini Ekadashi. O king! One earns Punya which equivalent to undertaking severe austerity for one thousand years. Whoever performs the Vrat of this Ekadashi faithfully and with due reverence has all his desires fulfilled in this world and attains Moksha upon his death. O king! Gifting someone an elephant is a greater charity that gifting him a horse. One earns greater Punya by a higher act of a charity. Donating land is a greater charity than giving an elephant. Donating gold to someone earns more Punya than giving him land. Feeding someone or giving him food grains is a better charity. Pitris (dead ancestors), Devtas and humans are satisfied with Annadaan (donating food). Annadaan and Kanyadan are two charities that earn Punya. However, Vidhyadaan (imparting knowledge) is the highest form of charity. One earns the Punya equivalent to Vidhyadaan by just observing a fast on Varuthini Ekadashi. The Vaishnavs observing the Vrat of Varuthini Ekadashi must abstain from eating from the Zinc utensils, Urad (black beans), Masur (yellow Dal) chick peas, Kodra (a type of course grain), vegetables honey and food that doesn't belong to himself on Dasam. A devotee must avoid gambling, sleeping during the daytime, eating beetle nuts, brushing teeth, looking for faults in others and association and communication with immoral people. One must not get angry or speak lies on Ekadashi. Furthermore, they must also avoid eating in Zinc plates or food cooked in Zinc utensils, Urad, Masur, physical exercise or exhausting work, speaking untruth, eating the second meal, shaving, massage with oil and food belonging to the others on Baras. O king! Whoever observes the Vrat of Varuthini Ekadashi as explained above will have all their sins washed away. Those who perform Jagran at the night of Ekadashi and reverentially worship Bhagwan Vishnu becomes free from their sins and attains Moksha. Whoever reads, narrates or listens to this Mahatmya of Varuthini Ekadashi is also freed from his sins and attains Akshardham upon his death."

This Mahatmya of Varuthini Ekadashi is narrated in the Bhavishya Puran.