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Putrada Ekadashi - Friday 29th December

Putrada Ekadashi - Posh Sud Ekadashi

King Yudhishthir asked Shree Krishna Bhagwan, "O Shree Krishna! What is the name of Ekadashi which comes in the bright (Sud) fortnight of the month of Posh? How should one worship Bhagwan on this Ekadashi?"

Bhagwan Shree Krishna replied, "O king! This Ekadashi reign supreme in destroying sins. This Ekadashi is called 'Putrada Ekadashi' and its ruling deity is Bhagwan Narayan. He bestows success on all those who faithfully observe the Vrat of Ekadashi. The one who observes the Vrat of Ekadashi is rewarded with wisdom, fame and wealth. Moreover, o king! This Ekadashi dispels all sins."

Bhagwan continued, "There was a king called Suketuman who reigned over the kingdom of Bhadravati. His wife's name was Sheibya. They had no progeny even after many years of married life. They were worried and unhappy due to this. They had everything - wealth and fame, yet they felt hollowness in their life. They pondered that a childless couple's life is worthless and a person remains indebted to their ancestors, the Devtas and human beings. Blessed are those people who have children and grandchildren! The king was keen to find the solution of his problem.

Once he went on horseback to the nearby forest without informing his wife and courtiers. Looking at the variety of trees, birds and animals in the forest, he lost track of time and direction. He was suffering from hunger and thirst by the noon. The scorching sun made his throat dry. He thought, 'I have performed many Yagnas to satiate the Devtas; I have satisfied Brahmins by feeding them sumptuous meals and generously giving them wealth many a times and I have treated my subjects like my children and have treated them justly, then due to what sin I am still enduring the pains of childlessness? As he rode aimlessly suffering from hunger and thirst, he saw a lake at distance.

Many fragrant lotuses had bloomed in the lake. There was an Ashram near the lake. He saw many Rishis chanting Vedic hymns in the Ashram. He approached the Rishis and explained his problems and sought guidance from them to solve his problem. The Rishis replied, 'O king! We are Vishvadevas. The month of Magh is to start in five days time. We have come here for Magh Snaan. Today is Putrada Ekadashi. Whoever observes the Vrat of this Ekadashi is rewarded with a son if he so desires and his other wishes are also fulfilled.' O Yudhishthir! On hearing such soothing words of Rishis, the King Suketuman had a purifying bath in the lake and observed fast for the remainder of the day. He concluded his fast the next day by eating fruits that the Rishis offered him after bathing in the lake. After being blessed by Vishvadevas, the king returned to his palace. As a result of observing the Vrat of Putrada Ekadashi, the queen became pregnant. She gave birth to a healthy and handsome son after nine months. The King Suketuman and Queen Sheibya were elated, all their worries and sufferings dispelled. O Yudhishthir! King Suketuman was rewarded with a son for observing the Vrat of Putrada Ekadashi. Whoever observes the Vrat of Putrada Ekadashi with the wish to have a son will be rewarded accordingly and he shall remain happy and prosperous in this life and go to Akshardham on his death. Whoever narrates or listens to Mahatmya of Putrada Ekadashi will be rewarded with Punya equal to that of performing an Ashvamedh Yagna."

This Mahatmya of Putrada Ekadashi is narrated in the Bhavishyottar Puran