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solar eclipseOn Friday 20th March 2015, there will be a solar eclipse. 

Eclipse Starts: 08:26AM
Eclipse Ends : 10:41AM
No food should be consumed after 08:30PM on 19th March 2015 

These timings are for London only and may vary around the UK.

This years solar eclipse is a rare event where the moon will pass directly between the Sun and the Earth. It will plunge Britain into twilight for two hours. The last time UK had such an eclipse it was 15 years ago.

There will also be a Supermoon in the evening, which is the moon getting the closest it can to Earth, making it seem larger.

Experts have warned it is extremely dangerous to look at the Sun during the eclipse - even briefly as it can lead to burns at the back of the eye. Even selfies pose a risk, as you may keep glancing directly at the Sun to ensure you are aligned. Sunglasses also do not offer protection.