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Nirjala Ekadashi - Monday 5th June

Nirjala Ekadashi – Jyestha Sud Ekadashi - AKA Bhim Ekadashi

Once Bhimsen asked Vyas Muni, "O sage! My four brothers, mother Kunti and Sati Draupadi never eat food on the day of Ekadashi. They do insist that I, too, undertake fast on Ekadashi. However, I am unable to stay hungry. Is there any way that I can earn the Punya of observing Ekadashi without fasting?"

Sage Vyas replied, "O Bhim! You should undertake a fast on each Ekadashi of both Sud and Vad fortnight, if you intend to go to heaven rather than hell."

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Yogini Ekadashi - Tuesday 20th June

Yogini Ekadashi - Jyeshtha Vad Ekadashi

King Yudhishthir asked Bhagwan, "O Shree Krishna! By what name the Ekadashi falling in Vad fortnight of Jyeshtha is known? Please narrate to me the significance of this Ekadashi.

Bhagwan Shree Krishna replied, "O king! This Ekadashi is called Yogini Ekadashi, which can fulfil men's all worldly desires and help him attain Moksha.

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Chaturmaas - Tuesday 4th July

Chaturmaas literally means the period of four months from Ashadh Sud Ekadashi (Padma or Devshayani) to Kartik Sud Ekadashi (Prabodhani). The Sun enters Kark Rashi (cancer zodiac) and travels southwards. Bhagwan Narayan and Devtas rest for this period. Therefore we must be more vigilant against the evils and sins. For all Hindus, this period is to augment their faith and devotion by listening to Katha and observing Vrats. It is inauspicious to undertake any social events such as marriages and Upavit ceremony during this period. The Brahmand Puran, Bhavishya Puran, Shreemad Bhagwat and many other holy scriptures extol the virtues of observing special Niyams for this period.

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Kaamika Ekadashi - Thursday 20th July

Kaamika Ekadashi - Ashadh Vad Ekadashi

King Yudhishthir once asked Bhagwan Shree Krishna, "O Vaasudev! What is the name and significance of the Ekadshi that fall in the dark fortnight of the month of Ashadh?!"
Bhagwan Shree Krishna replied, "O king! Vrat of this Ekadashi dispels all sins just as the rising sun dispels darkness. I will reiterate the same answer Brahma gave to Sage Narad when later asked Brahma the same question. Listen to it attentively."

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