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Indira Ekadashi - Saturday 16th September

Indira Ekadashi - Bhadarva Vad Ekadashi

King Yudhishthir asked "O Shree Krishna! Please tell me the name of and narrate to me the significance of the Ekadashi which falls in the Vad fortnight of the month of Bhadrapad."

Bhagwan Shree Krishna replied, "O king Yudhishthir! Bhadarvo Vad Ekadashi is known as 'Indira Ekadashi'. Observing its Vrat including fasting and Jagran dispels the great sins. The ancestors consigned to hell are released and go to heaven or Akshardham if Punys of Vrat of Indira Ekadshi is offered to them. Those who listen attentively to Mahatmya of Indira Ekadashi earn Punya equal to performing a Vajpayee Yagna.

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PashanKusha Ekadashi - Sunday 1st October

PashanKusha Ekadashi - Aso Sud Ekadashi

King Yudhishthir asked Bhagwan, "O Shree Krishna! Please tell me the name and significance of the Ekadashi that falls in the Sud fortnight of Aso."

Shree Krishna Bhagwan replied, "O king! This Ekadashi is known as 'PashanKusha Ekadashi', Vrat of which dispels all sins. Bhagwan Narayan's another form, Bhagwan Padnabh should be worshipped on this Ekadashi.

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Rama Ekadashi - Sunday 15th October

Rama Ekadashi - Aso Vad Ekadashi

King Yudhishthir once asked Bhagwan, "O Shree Krishna! What is the name of the Ekadashi that falls in the Vad fortnight of Aso months and what is its significance?"

Bhagwan replied, "O king! This Ekadashi is called Rama Ekadashi. Listen to its Mahatmya. There was king named Muchkund in the bygone era. Indra - the king of Devtas, Varun, Kuber and other Devtas were his friends. King Muchkund was a staunch devotee of Bhagwan Vishnu and followed the path of Dharma and truth. The holy River Chandrabhaga was born as his daughter. She was married off to Sobhan, the son of King Chandrasen. Once Sobhan came to visit his father-in-law on the eve of Rama Ekadashi. His wife - Chandrabhaga thought that her husband is physically too weak to undertake fast for the day. She was aware of the fact that her father had decreed that everyone in his kingdom mustl observe fast on Ekadashi.

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Prabodhini Ekadashi - Tuesday 31st October

Brahma said to Narad, "O Narad! Prabodhini Ekadashi washes away all sins and augments one's Punyas. I shall narrate greatness and importance of this Ekadashi."

Narad asked, "O father of world! How much Punya is accumulating by fasting and eating only once on Prabodhini Ekadashi."

Brahma replied, "If a devotee consumes only fruits and light grains such as Namar, he is freed from the sins of one life and if consumes the same only after sunset, he is freed from the sins of last two lives. However, a devotee undertaking fast for a day on Prabodhini Ekadashi is freed from sins of last seven births. Furthermore, if one undertakes Jagran besides observing fast for the day on this Ekadashi, his ten thousand ancestors are redeemed. All important shrines come and take residence in the home of a family who reverently observe Prabodhini Ekadashi together. O Narad! Conversely, all Punyas of a person are destroyed if he does not observe Vrat of Prabodhini. For not observing the Vrat of both Ekadashis of month of Kartik, one destroys accumulated Punyas of all his past lives."

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