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Over 16

? The shawl was dripped in crimson red, at a closer glance one realised it was blood not rang...

? The excruciating pain of poison gently burned the scalp of Muktanand Swami as he applied the tainted Chandan...

? The delicacy of 5 days old sour chaas with dry cracked rotlas became a staple diet

? One simply had to shut their ears as they hurled such foul abuse... but those in Orange embraced every word as a gift.

? The aroma of mortar, brick and medicine was the fragrance of seva.

The foundations have already been laid by the pioneers before us. They were trialled and tested, now it's our turn!

Are we ready to give all our senses to serve this Satsang?

Camp 2019 for the Over 16 age group is now sold out. For our future SSTW youth events please stay connected to our social media pages.

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