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IT Classes

In 2012, the World Wide Web celebrated its 25th birthday. There is no denying the technological advancements that have happened since our Ghanshyam Maharaj’s murti pratishta in 1988. it classCommunication by email today is far more popular than written letters or even telephone. On-line shopping is dominating the regular weekly supermarket shop. You can read your favourite newspapers (even Gujarati ones) on the internet, not to mention the vast amount of knowledge and data that is at people’s disposal at the touch of a button. We even get Ghanshyam Maharaj’s darshan daily on our website, and those unfortunate to attend in person were able to watch and listen to daily kathas from Bhuj Temple via a live stream.

Technology is something that our youth embrace from a very young age – children are growing up with iPads and tablets but what about the senior haribhaktos? How can they, having grown up in an age of old technology, tap into the vast knowledge and information available on the Internet? In order to help our senior haribhaktos improve their IT skills and get past that initial phobia, we have been conducting IT classes for a number of years. It started with some computers in a spare room at 1 Deerhurst Road, but we now have a dedicated IT room in the school comprising of six computers.

Students learn the very basics on how to use a computer, how to use and browse the internet, as well as giving a taste of what is on offer. How to use email, Facebook and other social media is also on the curriculum.  Whilst the six week course only gives a brief introduction, just getting students comfortable with using these basic aspects of IT is enough to give a taste of what is out there in the cyber universe.

Classes are normally held during school hours (Saturdays 5.00pm-7.00pm and Sundays 4.00pm-6.00pm), so if you do not know the difference between a cursor and a mouse, or if you think a “double-click” is just a sound, come and join the IT classes at the temple.