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Teaching Materials

Initially, the school used textbooks imported from Gujarat, India.  These textbooks were good for teaching our mother language to the Gujaratis in India itself, however the younger generation of
gujarati materialsteachers and modern students found these textbooks unsuitable as the contents therein were not relevant to the teaching and learning of our language in a western society. Therefore, it was decided to prepare textbooks locally such that the teaching material is more relevant and comprehendible to the modern, young, Gujarati students in a western environment.

The process of preparing these textbooks began in late 1995. Materials for the textbooks were collated and went through numerous iterations of refinement, review and testing.  After four years of strenuous effort, a set of seven textbooks was prepared and published.  The textbooks are continually evolving to ensure they remain up-to-date, but the basic templates are currently in use today at the school.  Whilst we all expected these textbooks to fulfil the teaching requirements at our school, what was not quite envisaged when the long project was initiated, was how widespread the use of our textbooks would become.  Our textbooks are used across the UK, within Gujarati Schools at our Swaminarayan Temples, but also by organisations outside our Sampraday.  Our textbooks have also gone global – they have been sent as far west as California, USA, and as far east as Australia.

Gujarati Textbooks   
Standard 1
Standard 2
Standard 3
Standard 4


gujarati cdThe development of educational tools did not end there.  Modern teaching is as much about using the correct medium of teaching; about making learning fun and interactive. To this end, the Gujarati School also embarked on a project to teach Gujarati by use of electronic media. The result was the “Read and Write Gujarati Interactive Programme” which teaches Gujarati on a PC; another teaching medium that the school has developed which is used globally. Gujarati and Hindi Fonts for the PC were also created to accommodate modern technology.

If you would like to download a copy of the CD, please email us at, with your name, location and end use (learn/teach) of the CD. You will be sent a live link within 5 working days.

To download the fonts and thier templates click here